During the 2020 Annual Business Meeting, membership requested that the ENRE Executive Committee hold another meeting during the year to discuss the work plan and upcoming volunteer opportunities. In response to this, the Executive Committee held a meeting in the fall to give an update on what the Division has been up to, describe the adopted 2021 Work Plan, and gain input on what activities the Division should pursue in the coming year. The following provides a summary of the ideas generated during the meeting.

During the fall meeting, attendees expressed that they would like to see more pertinent professional development particularly related to energy and natural resources. Attendees requested that more informal happy hours be conducted to provide an opportunity to meet more members and brainstorm topics that have crossover between divisions. Three groups that were called out explicitly were the Water Planning Network, the Transportation Division, and the Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recover Planning Division. However, attendees emphasized that the Division should also branch out beyond APA and approach other professional groups furthering the environmental planning field.

Topics of interest included:

  •      Work related to environmental justice and agricultural preservation/conservation
  •      Solar energy and the impact on farmland and open space
  •      Solar projects along roadways/highways
  •      Development in concern with ecosystems and wetlands
  •      Wave energy
  •      The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan 

If you have an interest in helping volunteer with any of the abovementioned topic areas, please reach out to the Executive Committee at: apaenre@gmail.com

2020 Fall Meeting PowerPoint Slides

Watch Recording: 2020 Business Meeting