ENRE newsletters address the latest environmental planning issues, legislation, and technology, lists workshops and conferences, and reports on division-sponsored meetings. 

Newsletters from 2004 - 2017 are available upon request. Please contact us at info_ENRE@planning.org

Fall 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes two submitted articles. The Disappearance of Coastal Louisiana by Bridget Tydor and La La Land-Use and Infrastructure Planning: How rethinking L.A.’s infrastructure Today will build a City of the Future by Nicholas Ryu.

Fall 2020 ENRE Newsletter

Summer 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes ENRE's Planning Home article Environmental Considerations and the Response to the Housing Affordability Crisis written by Jessica Conquest and Sharese Graham.

Summer 2020 ENRE Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter

This issue includes a description of the Environmental Planning Career Pathways Webinar and  an interview with Nicholas Ryu, the 2018 ENRE Student Fellow, where he describes his project: Los Angeles’ Alter-Eco: Identifying and Assessing the Viability of Ecodistrict Sites in Los Angeles Counties

Fall 2018 ENRE Newsletter

Spring 2018 Newsletter

This issue provides bios for the 2018 Executive Committee and a student member spotlight.

Spring 2018 ENRE Newsletter